When I first launched my blog, the broccoli chick, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I knew I wanted to blog and knew I wanted to blog in the health and wellness niche. After that everything blogging was a mystery.

I started writing posts a month before I launched. I had read somewhere that you should have at least 5 posts up on your blog before you launch it. So that is what I did.

I hit publish on August 1st. And then nothing happened.


What was I doing wrong when I first hit publish? That first month I worked hard to figure out what it took to get traffic to my blog.

Guess what? All that research paid off.

I went from 340 pageviews in August to 37,194 in September.

That is an amazing leap. I knew something I did worked to increase my pageviews. When I went back through and analyzed what I did right to increase my pageviews, it wasn’t just one thing, but several.

Here is how I went from 340 pageviews to 37,194 in one month.


I picked my niche

When I first started on my blog, I was very broad in what I was blogging about. I was in the health and wellness niche. I was blogging about anything that was related to this topic.

I had no focus or goal in mind. I was going to choose topics as I was interested in them and just write and post.

I didn’t understand that it’s hard to know what your readers want if you are attracting anyone. My blog had no purpose so no one was going to stick around and see what else I have to offer.

I narrowed myself down to a vegan lifestyle blog. My traffic soared because many people are looking to start a vegan lifestyle but don’t know where to begin. When I began focusing on one topic, I could provide more content related to a niche that drove traffic.


I started writing for my readers

When I realized that my readers wanted to know how to begin a vegan lifestyle and how to be healthy vegans, I tailored my content to those topics.

I learned that I could write about something I was passionate about, but I also needed to give my readers what they wanted.

People go online to learn something or solve a problem. By making my content about my readers, I was solving a problem they were facing.

I watched my website traffic and analyzed which posts were my biggest traffic drivers. I noticed a trend. I took what my readers were telling me and posted content that would bring more traffic to my site based on what they wanted to read.

By making my content all about what my readers wanted, I was able to significantly increase my traffic.


I started using Pinterest and Tailwind


My Pinterest clicks to my website in August:

My Pinterest clicks to my blog in September:

I had some pins get a lot of attention near the end of the month which is seen with the huge increase in traffic spike.

Pinterest was the number one driving of traffic to my site that first month and is still the number one driver.

I couldn’t believe how much traffic Pinterest would send my site.

I created some Pinterest pins using Canva. They weren’t stellar, but they worked to get my content out to a larger audience than I was getting with purely organic reach.

I started using Tailwind during my second month too. Tailwind allowed me to start scheduling my pins which saved me so much time in having to manually pin every one of my blog posts each day. I was able to schedule pins for the best times for my blog even when I was busy at work.

I made Pinterest a high priority in my blogging promotion.

Start using Tailwind here and get a free trial.


I invested in my blog

Going it alone is stressful and time-consuming. I tried finding information online on how to set up my blog for success but had trouble getting a complete picture.

You can find tons of great free resources online, but it takes time to comb through them all and create a step by step approach to having a successful blog.

Once I took the chance and invested in my blog, my website traffic exploded. I was spending less time trying to find a good how-to online so I could devote that to promoting and creating great content.

I highly suggest making an investment in your blog if you want to see fast growth.

The course I took that completely changed my traffic was Pinterest Traffic Avalanche by Create and Go. I learned so many strategies and must need knowledge about Pinterest. I attribute this course to my huge spike in traffic. I took the course in August and immediately saw results by the end of the month as you can see from my results above.


I made sure I was posting consistently

When I first started blogging, I thought I needed to post at least three times a week. I was quick to realize I wouldn’t be able to keep up with this schedule.

You don’t need to post several times a week as long as you keep your posting consistent.

I dropped back to once a week which was all I could handle. I created long quality posts that drove more traffic to my site than if I was trying to post too many times a week and not keep up with it.

Once I stuck to the same day every week to post and made sure I had a quality post to put onto my blog, I saw my traffic quickly take off.


I made my blog a commitment

Once I made my blog a commitment, my traffic took off.

It took me a long time to finally publish my first blog post because I never felt I would be ready. When I decided that my blog was going to be my business, I could visualize my growth.

I was working a full-time job so making the commitment made a big difference. I was committing to spending more time on my blog during my free hours and less time having fun.

It ended up paying off by increasing my blog traffic drastically and allowed me to eventually blog full time.


Final thoughts:

I was able to increase my traffic from 340 page views to 37,194 in my second month of blogging. Taking the steps to make my blog a commitment and invest my time and money into my blog, I was able to quickly grow my blog.