Pinterest is an awesome driver of traffic.

It is my number one source of traffic month after month.

Pinterest is a great platform for beginner bloggers as well as advanced bloggers. It is faster to get your content seen then waiting for Google SEO.

There are a few ways to get your content seen on Pinterest quicker. Take these tips and apply them to your blog to drive more traffic from Pinterest today.


Consistent blogging schedule

Before you get into a Pinterest strategy, you need to make sure you are posting on a consistent basis.

Not only does this make sure you have content to pin, but Pinterest tends to favor new content. If you are consistently posting new content, you will stay in Pinterest’s good graces.

Whenever I see a dip in traffic from Pinterest, it’s when I haven’t been consistent in publishing new blog posts.


Creating pinnable content

It’s not just enough to create content, you need to be creating content that is shareable.

Shareable content is a post that answers or solves problems for your readers. You have to remember it has to have something in it for them to want to share it.

The posts that get the most shares are how to’s, lists, and guides.


You have to have click-worthy headlines

Make sure your headings are optimized for sharing. You won’t get any shares if your title is bland, confusing, or too complicated. Make sure you are putting thought into your blog titles.

Some great resources to judge the power of your blog titles are:


Marketing Headline Analyzer

Creating visually appealing pins

Your pins need to be clean and crisp. Pinterest is a visual platform so you need to compete with other beautiful pins to get yours noticed.

Make sure your images are clear and visually appealing. If your image doesn’t entice a reader to click on it, then you won’t benefit at all from any traffic from Pinterest.

Add a title to your images. Make sure that the heading is easy to read and avoid using hard to read fonts or too small of a print. Make your headings interesting by mixing fonts and colors.


Consistent pinning

You need to be consistently pinning to Pinterest. You need to stay relevant on Pinterest and that means getting on the platform daily.

Pinterest rewards users who use their platform so if you are active on Pinterest, your content is going to be shared in the smart feed.

Hop on Pinterest a couple of times a day and pin for five minutes. You don’t have to spend a ton of time each day pinning. Make sure you are finding quality content to share with your followers.


Using schedulers

Tailwind is a great resource for growing your Pinterest account fast and bring in more traffic.

Tailwind is a scheduler that works directly with Pinterest. You can schedule your pins to go out whenever you choose on Tailwind or use their smart schedule to send out pins when at the most optimal time to get your pins seen.

The beauty of Tailwind is that you can set your pins to schedule out as far as you want. It frees up so much time that you would have spent manually pinning each piece of content every day.

You should still be getting on Pinterest and manually pin some content. Tailwind saves you from having to manually pin everything. I tend to focus my scheduling to just my content and manually pin a mixture of my content and other pinners content.


SEO your Pinterest account

Did you know that you can SEO your Pinterest account?

You need to add keywords to the about you section. Have a short description of what you provide to your audience using terms that they would use to search for you.

You also need to SEO your board titles and descriptions. Make sure you are filling out the descriptions on your boards and including long tail keywords.

For help finding board title and board description keywords, make use of the Pinterest search bar. Pinterest will provide you with the most popular searches on your topic.

Just type in a search term in the Pinterest search bar and see what popular search terms are suggested. Use these as keywords in your descriptions.


SEO your pin descriptions

Since Pinterest works much like a search engine, you don’t need a ton of followers to get your content in front of readers. Just make sure that you are including keywords and optimizing your blog headers.

Your pin descriptions should use keywords that will help your pins turn up in searches. If you are writing about mascara, see what keywords come up when your type mascara into the search bar. Use these in your descriptions.


Manually and scheduling pins

Should you be manually or scheduling pins to drive traffic with Pinterest?

You should be doing both to get the most boost of traffic with Pinterest. For the time saving and great tools that Tailwind offer you, you should be scheduling your pins. All the time you are not spending on pinning can be put back into your business.

Like stated above, Pinterest likes users to actually be on their platform and using it. Hop on Pinterest a couple of times a day to manually pin to your boards.

The amount you schedule or manually pin will be completely dependent on the results you get. Change up your strategy when you don’t see results. When you are growing, take note of the ratio that works best for you.


Using Tribes and group boards

Tribes and group boards are great sources to drive traffic from Pinterest from beginners.

You don’t have many followers when you first start your blog so why not get a boost from other pinners followers? When you use group boards, you are a part of a board that is shared by multiple pinners. When you pin to these group boards, your content gets shared with your group’s followers.

Tribes work in a similar matter but is housed completely in Tailwind. You will need an account with Tailwind to get full access to tribes. In Tribes, you are part of a Tribe of bloggers who share similar blogging topics as you.

You post your pins to Tailwind tribes and your fellow tribe members will share your content with their followers. Tribes right now are showing great opportunities to drive traffic with Pinterest.


Final Thoughts

Make sure you are utilizing Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog by following the steps above to optimize your content and reach.

I really saw a huge jump in my traffic after I took Pinterest Traffic Avalanche by Create and Go. I had been trying to learn it all with free webinars and blog posts, but it wasn’t until I took my first Pinterest course that I really got a handle of making Pinterest work for me and drive traffic to my blog.

Check out my post on how I was able to increase my traffic from 350 page views to over 37,000 page views in one month just using Pinterest traffic here: How I drastically increased traffic to my blog in one month.