Yoga Body Transformation

How to strengthen your body, lose weight, and calm your mind with yoga

A yoga program designed to bring you to your mat with yoga poses that will help you calm your mind, relieve stress,

gain flexibility, lose weight, tone your body, and gain confidence.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re tired of trying all the latest fads to lose weight.

You’re tired of spending hours on cardio and not seeing results.

You’re tired of feeling aches and pains.

You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

You’re ready for something that will actually work.

Six years ago, I had never stepped onto a yoga mat. I didn’t really even think much about yoga. I thought it was just standing there in strange poses. But at the time, I was searching for an outlet to everything I carried with me every day. I was a high strung person who carried massive amounts of anxiety around with me. I just always felt on edge. I also had a terrible body image issue. I never felt at peace in my body no matter what size or shape I was.

Then there was the day I tried yoga for the first time. I moved my body in a way that never had before. I felt muscles I didn’t know I had. My body felt better than it had in a long time. ANd for 30 minutes, I didn’t have anxiety. I was in my body, appreciating what I had and what I had to gain.

I started practicing yoga regularly. I wanted to be on my mat every day. I fell in love with the mind-body connection yoga had created for me. I started adding in five minutes of meditation after my practice. 

My mind started to calm. My body was changing. I was losing fat throughout my whole body. My muscles were toning in a way they never had before. I didn’t have the same aches and pains anymore. My body moved in a much more fluid way.

I started to appreciate my body exactly as it was. I fell in love with who I was and the direction my life was going. I finally felt at peace.

This is what yoga did for me and it can do it for you too.

You can finally feel comfortable in your own skin. 

You can calm your mind and relieve stress.

You can use yoga to lose weight and get lean.

You can get fit and stay that way.

Yoga Body Transformation

Your guide to strengthening the body, losing weight, and calming the mind

Here’s what you get:

Take a look inside:

Yoga sequences

Yoga sequences designed to target your specific needs from strengthening your core, gaining flexibility, balance, and toning.

Yoga poses

70 yoga poses to help you meet your goals. Every pose is broken down into easy to follow steps to mastering every yoga pose.

Yoga tips

Yoga tips on getting the most from your practice like how to use yoga props to make poses easier, to how to start a meditation practice. Its everything you need to know to get started.

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