The glutes are the largest muscles group in the body. Let’s give them a little love and attention.

The glutes are the body’s muscle engine responsible for many athletic moves, but also powering our bodies. The glutes are responsible for stabilizing our pelvis in yoga poses.

Having strong toned glutes goes beyond having that perky booty. Strong glutes can help with lower back and knee pain.

Aside from the health benefits, we all want out booty to look great in our skinny jeans and leggings. 

Practice these 9 yoga poses to strengthen your glutes for that toned glute look we are searching for.

For each move, hold for 30 seconds, about 5 long yogic breaths. Perform through on one side and then repeat the sequence on the other side.



Begin in mountain pose.

On your inhale lift your arms overhead to lengthen your body.

On your exhale, squeeze your legs together and sink your hips down as if you are going to sit in a chair. 

Keep your back long with arms in a straight line with the back.



Begin standing facing the long edge of your mat.

Take a wide step to the right, about 3-4 feet.

Turn your feet our so toes point away from the body at a 45-degree angle.

Bring your hands to heart center with palms together.

Keep your back straight as you bend your knees to come into a wide squat.

Extend your arms overhead.


High Lunge

Begin in standing pose. Take a big step forward to the front of your mat with your right foot. 

Press out of your left foot onto your toes and bend your front right leg so that your knee is over your ankle. 

Inhale and lengthen your torso lifting your arms toward the sky, palms facing each other. 

Exhale and let your shoulders relax away from the ears.


Warrior II

Begin in a standing position. Take a large step forward with the right foot.

With right knee forward and bent, rotate left foot 90 degrees. Your hips should be facing the long edge of the mat and feet are perpendicular to each other. 

Open arms so that they form a straight line that is parallel to the ground. Keep your palms open and facing down. 

Gaze forward over the right middle finger.

Warrior III

Begin standing facing the short edge of your mat.

Bring your hands to heart center, palms together.

Shift your weight to your right foot. 

Lift your left leg behind you as you hinge forward at the hips.

Once you have your balance, reach your arms forward.

Create a straight line with your left leg, back, and arms parallel to the floor.


3 legged dog

Start in on hands and knees.

Tuck your toes and send your hips upwards into downward facing dog.

From here, plant your hands and shift your weight onto your left foot.

Lift your right leg behind you and send it upward as high as you can.

Bird dog

Start on hands and knees in the tabletop pose.

Once you are grounded, extend left leg straight out behind you.

Next, extend right arm out in front of you so that your right arm and left leg are in line with the back.



Begin by lying on your back with legs bent and feet on the mat.

Bring your heels close to your butt with feet hip-width apart.

While pressing into your feet, lift your pelvis upward. 

Gently rock side to side so that you can bring your shoulder blades closer together and interlace your fingers.


Begin lying on your stomach. Your arms are at your sides and your feet should be hip-width apart.

Take a deep breath and on your exhale, lift your chest, arms, and legs from the mat.

Pick a spot in front of you to gaze at as you try to as long as you can while lifting your chest and legs as far as you can comfortably.

Make sure to stay long in this pose to avoid compressing your back.

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