No blogger is perfect from the start.

Most of us have never started a blog before or even designed a webpage. I had a steep learning curve to go up in the beginning.

These are the things I wish I knew when I was starting my blog. I made a few of these mistakes and it set me back on growing my blog faster.

Read on to find out what mistakes to avoid when starting your own blog.

1. Not starting with a reliable hosting company

You need reliable hosting for your blog. If your site goes down, you aren’t getting any traffic. You need a hosting company that has great customer service and high site up times.

I recommend using Siteground. It is what I use with my blog. I have used other companies and have seen the best performance with Siteground. They were super helpful when I had a site problem and were quick to fix it.

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2. Not having a niche

A niche is a topic you blog about. If you want to be successful, you need to narrow down what you write about.

Having a niche is important for attracting the right kind of readers to your blog. You do not want them to land on your blog and have no idea what your blog is about.

If you blog about everything, it’s hard to narrow down what products and services to offer to your readers when it comes time to monetize.


3. Not writing for your audience

It’s great to pick a niche that you are super passionate about and knowledgeable.

You also have to consider what your readers want or need from you. If you are only writing what you want to without regard to what your readers are looking for, you won’t get the kind of traffic to your site that you desire.

The difference between a hobby blog and a pro blog is writing for your readers, not just for yourself.


4. Writing in proper form

Blogging isn’t the time for perfect sentence structure. You can start sentences with And or But. You don’t need to worry about prepositions.

Your posts need to be easy to consume and navigate.

Short paragraphs are the key to writing in a way that will make your posts easy to read. Plus it sounds like you are having a conversation with your readers.

Make great use of headings, subheadings, bullet points, and numbered posts. Make it easy for your readers and they will stick around.


5. Waiting to start an email list

Start collecting emails right away.

Before you even launch your blog you can start collecting email addresses with a coming soon page and a great opt-in.

I use ConvertKit for my email list. It was made by bloggers for bloggers.

You can create your opt-in forms, opt-in pages, and embed your opt-ins right through ConvertKit. They keep track of everything for you.

Create a great opt-in as soon as you start your blog to start building your email list.


6. Inconsistent posting

A beginner blogging mistake make is not being consistent in posting blog updates.

Posting consistently is important to SEO and keeping your blog as a go-to source of information. If your readers don’t know when to expect new posts from you, they may lose interest.

You want to be continually building content on your blog. Don’t go weeks or months between posts. Your traffic will suffer if you are not posting regularly.


7. No content calendar

You need to plan out what you are posting ahead of time. It keeps you on track and able to post consistently.

Having an idea of what your posts will be will save you the headache of not knowing what to write about. Have a list of blog post ideas and fill these into your calendar.

You will be able to create content around holidays and launches.


8. You don’t promote your blog or posts

You are your greatest spokesperson. You need to get your name on other minds and that only comes by promoting your content.

A blogging mistake of beginners is posting content and expecting people to find it just because it is out there.

You need to figure out where your readers are hanging out and promote your blog posts on these networks. If your readers are on facebook but not twitter, then spend the time promoting on facebook.

Pinterest is a great platform for promoting your posts. Readers are going on Pinterest and using it as a search engine much like Google. It’s much easier to get your content seen on Pinterest than google.


9. Not using schedulers

Pinterest, your blog, and Tailwind are the perfect complements to each other. If you are looking to grow your blog fast, you need to be using Tailwind.

Tailwind is a scheduling app that is endorsed by Pinterest. This means that using it won’t hurt your performance on Pinterest, but actually help it.

You can schedule your pins to your blog posts ahead of time and not have to be pinning manually all day long. There are even options to optimize them times you send out to your Pinterest account when your audience is most active.

Tailwind is a must to help grow your blog.


10. Worrying too much about followers

A mistakes beginner bloggers make is focusing too much on follower counts.

Having followers is great, but it isn’t something that should be the number one goal or focus. Followers will come with time as long as you are providing quality content and you are promoting your posts.

You aren’t going to start out with a ton of followers, nobody does, but you will be surprised how fast your follower count will rise once you start becoming a known entity in your niche.


11. Comparing yourself too much to pro bloggers

Using those who have already been successful at what you are trying to do is great motivation. You can see that it can be done.

However, comparing yourself to people who are already making full-time incomes from blogging when you first start out isn’t a good idea. It took them some time to get where they are now just like it will take you some time.

They weren’t instant success stories and put a lot of time and effort into their blogs. They may make it look easy, but they had the same struggles you are facing as a new blogger.

Pro bloggers are a great inspiration, but you shouldn’t judge your starting position to where they are now years later.


12. Getting stuck in the perfect zone

Your blog will never be perfect. You can spend a lot of wasted time trying to come up with the perfect blog name, the perfect theme, the perfect layout, and the perfect blog post.

Instead of trying to make everything perfect, realize that no one is going to notice if you make a mistake as long as what you are providing them is valuable. Focus more on creating great content than the color scheme of your blog.

You can always fix your mistakes, but if trying to make everything perfect on your blog is preventing you from launching your blog or posting updates, then you are never going to hit that publish button and drive traffic to your blog.


13. Not investing in your blog

If you are serious about making your blog a business, you need to be willing to invest in your blog. This might sound scary when you first launch because you don’t have income coming in from your blog yet so it’s hard to justify spending money on your blog.

You won’t grow your blog or monetize very fast without spending some money. This can include investing in an email service provider like ConvertKit, paying for a scheduler like Tailwind, or purchasing a course.

Investing money in your blog is going to save you valuable time that you can put back into your blog to grow it, create content, promote it, and monetize it.


14. Expecting immediate results

Another beginner blogger mistake is believing that success is going to come overnight.

Making anything worthwhile is going to take time. It may come faster or slower for everyone, but nobody puts up one blog post and is an instant success.

If you are willing to put time and effort into your blog, you will be successful, just give it time to happen.


15. Giving in too soon

Giving up when you don’t see immediate results are mistakes beginner bloggers make.

Blogging is hard work, especially when you are first starting out. When you don’t see the results in the time frame you expected, it might be easy to give up. For some bloggers, it takes them years to see results and others may see it in months.

If blogging is something you are passionate about and are willing to put in the work, you will see results, you just have to give it time.


Final Thoughts:

Blogging is a great way to earn an income without working a traditional 9-5. If you are willing to put in the effort and produce great content, it is a great opportunity for you.

Avoid making these 15 mistakes beginner bloggers make and you will see results.