Do you remember the last date night you had with your significant other?

If the answer is no, then it’s time to set up a date night.

You don’t even need to leave your house for date night either.

Take these 10 fun date night ideas to create a fun and memorable night you are going to look back on for years.


1. Learn something new together

Learning together is a super bonding experience. Not only are you going to learn a new skill, but you get to share it with your SO.

It will be a date night you can always look back on with shared memories that will be stronger than a simple dinner date.

Is there something the two of you have been talking about wanting to learn? Get a book on the subject or watch a Youtube video.

If one of you have a skill the other wants to learn, why not teach the other. I have always wanted to learn to play chess and my guy knows how. It would make an awesome date to have him teach me.


2. Make sushi together

Sushi is fun to make, but it takes a few tries to get the right technique down.

Sushi is easy to prepare together too. You can be each working on a roll without bumping into each other at the stove all night.

Have fun with making sushi and laugh together at your first failed attempt.

Afterward, you will have a great meal to share that you both created.


3. Picnic in the backyard

This was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. You don’t need to leave your yard to have a fun cool outing outside.

Have a picnic in the backyard with your SO. Make up traditional picnic food or pick it up at the store.

By stepping outside of the house and into the backyard, you will be able to escape for an hour or two all the tasks that need to be done inside.

That’s what makes an outdoor picnic perfect. You can actually concentrate on your partner and have a meaningful conversation.


4. At home spa night

An at-home spa date is a great way to spend a sensual night at home with your SO.

Start off with a bath together. I like to add in bath bombs or bubble bath to make the bath extra special.

Next, give each other massages with scented oils. You can give neck rubs, back rubs, or massage each other’s feet.

Try a hand massage. They feel amazing and are super simple to give. I like to do a hand soak first then give each other massages.


5. Wine and cheese testing at home

How much fun is it to pretend to be at a fancy wine tasting and pretend you know a lot about different types of wine?

Try having an at home wine and cheese tasting. Look up online the best cheeses to pair with your wines.

Make a cute little spread in your kitchen and have your own private wine tasting.

Take turns trying to detect the different notes in the wines and see if you get them right.

You could also do this with a beer tasting.


6. See how well you know each other

Whether you have been together for 10 years or 10 months, it’s really fun to test out how well you know your SO.

Download some couples quizzes online and write down your answers to each one. It’s extra fun if you write them on individual index cards and flip the answers over together.

Laugh together at the silly responses your SO gives.

Save your results and see how much you have learned about each other the next time you play together.


7. Share your favorite memories

Have dinner together and share your favorite memories.

You can share your favorite memories of your time together. Think back to your first few dates and what made you fall for your SO.

This is also a great time to get to know each other even more and share your favorite memories before you met each other.

Share a favorite memory you had as a child or with your best friend.

You could even make up categories in advance and share a memory that fits within that category. You could include your favorite memory at a concert or when you were sixteen.


8. Play your favorite childhood games

Breaking out your favorite childhood games and playing them together is really fun.

You have a ton of memories tied to your childhood games and getting to add your SO into them will make them even more amazing.

When I go to an antique store, I always look for old games I played as a kid.

See how well you remember the rules and all the little tricks.

See how many games you and your SO both played and who had the better strategies.


9. Do yoga together

Yoga is a great active activity you can do with your SO without leaving the house.

If one of you are already a yogi, teach the other. If you are both new, find a beginners yoga video on Youtube. There are many free ones to choose from.

Try doing some couples poses too. These are great at building trust together since you are holding each other up.

Afterward, you can meditate together over a shared goal you both would like to achieve in your relationship.


10. Watch a movie together

This is always a great fall back for date night.

Take turns picking your favorite movies. I always find it fun to show my guy my favorite movies and see what his reactions are to them.

You could even watch the first movie you had seen together as a couple.

Make watching a movie special though and not just like any other night with special movie snacks and no other distractions. Turn off your phones just like you would at the movie theater.


You don’t need to leave your house for date night when you can create date night right at home.