Many people take up yoga for flexibility. And that’s for a really great reason. Yoga is a great practice to increase flexibility.

Yoga poses are great at holding dynamic stretches that target specific areas of the body. If you are looking to increase your flexibility, yoga for flexibility is the perfect place to start. 

You don’t need to be naturally flexible to reap the rewards of yoga. Even if you are as stiff as a board when you start this yoga for flexibility workout, after just your first round you are going to feel your body stretching and opening up. 

It takes time to build up flexibility, but you don’t have to spend hours a day. All it takes is ten minutes a day to see results daily.

To do this yoga for flexibility routine, perform each posture holding for 30 seconds, making sure to perform on both sides for poses that are one-sided, such as triangle pose.



Halfway lift

Begin standing in mountain pose, with feet together and back straight.

Inhale and raise your arms overhead, exhale, hinge at the hips, and fold forward into a forward fold with belly against thighs while avoiding rounding your back.

Inhale and ripple up through the spine as you elongate your back and bring your gaze three feet in front of you. 

Straighten your arms and rest your hands on your shins. 

Upward facing dog

Begin lying face down on your mat. 

Bring your hands under your shoulders with elbows pointing behind you. 

Press into hands and the tops of your feet to lift your body. Only your hands and the tops of your feet should be touching the ground.

Keep your shoulders relaxed away from your ears and avoid hyperextending your elbows.

Downward facing dog

Starting on hands and knees.

Spread your fingers as wide as possible. Lift your hips to the ceiling straightening your legs. Invite your heels to touch the ground.

Let the tension go from your neck and let your head hang trying to look toward your belly button. 

Keep your arms long.


From warrior 2 inhale while straightening the right leg. 

Exhale and on next inhale bend forward as much as possible over your extended right leg. 

Exhale and extend your left hand to the sky as straight as possible. Your right hand is either on the ground or resting on your right shin. 

You can use a yoga block to rest your right hand on if you are very tight.

Low lunge

Begin standing at the back of your mat. Bring your hands to your hips.

Take a big step forward with your right foot. 

Bend your right knee deeply as you bring your left knee to the ground. Keep your the toes on your left foot tucked.

Once you have your balance, lift your arms overhead. Interlace your hands with pointer finger extended upward.

Press your hips forward to create a slight backbend.


Begin kneeling on your mat with shins hip-width apart and thighs perpendicular to the ground.

Bring your hands to the back of your hips. 

Press your hips forward and lift your chest toward the sky. 

Bring your hands to your feet and cup your heels.

Let your head go if it feels right on your neck.


Begin standing with feet slightly wider than hip-width.

On your next exhale, sink your body low as you bring the back of your thighs to meet the back of your shins in a deep squat. 

Bring your palms together at heart center with arms inside your knees. 

Press your elbows into the inside of your thighs to deepen your stretch.

If you are tight in the hips, you may need to stay on the balls of your feet rather than having your feet flat.

Head to knee

Begin sitting on your mat with legs stretched out in front of you.

Bend your right knee and bring your right foot into your left groin. Press the sole of your right foot into the inside of your left leg.

Square your hips to your left leg. 

Inhale arms overhead. Exhale and hinge at the hips as you fold forward over your left leg.


Begin on hands and knees.

Bring your right leg forward with your knee bent and right shin parallel to the short edge of your mat. Rest your right leg on the mat.

Stretch your left leg our behind you so that the top of your left leg is resting on the ground.

Inhale and lengthen through your spine. 

Puff your chest out for a slight backbend.

Keep your gaze forward.

Seated forward bend

Sit with legs straight out in front of you. 

Gently pull the flesh from under your sit bones so that your sit bones are firmly planted on the mat. 

Inhale as you lengthen your spine and on your exhale, fold forward. 

The point of this pose is to stretch the hamstrings rather than the back. Do not round your back to reach your toes. Instead, use a yoga strap until you can reach your stomach to your thighs.


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